Case Number: 882

Council Meeting: MAY 2002

Verdict: Not Upheld

Publication: National Business Review

Ruling Categories: Editorial Discretion

The New Zealand Press Council did not uphold a complaint laid by Nick Rosenberg against The National Business Review (NBR) which featured him in a column written in January of this year.

Mr Rosenberg had contacted the NBR to let them know about himself and his business interests as he felt that this could be of interest to NBR readers. An appointment was arranged and he met with the reporter and a photographer at the NBR office where he said that a free ranging conversation took place. He also provided the reporter with photographs and a fact sheet about himself, how his business got started and a list of clients.

When the story appeared in the NBR Mr Rosenberg was upset because the NBR had not included his contact details, nor had they mentioned his business company’s name or used any of the photos of himself which he had provided. He also claimed that the story contained inaccuracies. Mr Rosenberg said he was characterised in the article as a ‘documentary producer’ but he claimed this was an inaccurate out of date description of him and his present status. He was also upset that the NBR had mentioned the names of some of his clients although he himself had provided this information in his fact sheet.

In response to the complaint, the Editor at Large had stated that he was sorry that Mr Rosenberg was unhappy with the story but the NBR was not obliged to include contact details nor use photos supplied. The story was largely a publicity story for Mr Rosenberg’s business and as such took its chances with its final placement and treatment.

The NBR had published a story that had been instigated by Mr Rosenberg. That it had not published full promotional background about Mr Rosenberg and his business interests in the story was the paper’s call.

The Press Council did not uphold the complaint.