Case Number: 775

Council Meeting: March 2000
March 2000

Verdict: Dismissed

Publication: New Zealand Herald

Ruling Categories: Balance, Lack Of

On 28 March 2000, the New Zealand Press Council released an adjudication (Case 775) on a complaint made by Wayne Wright in his claimed capacity as President of the New Zealand American Football Association (AFA) against the New Zealand Herald. The complaint was connected with the gridiron game in Auckland.

The Press Council partly upheld the complaint on the information that was supplied to it by Mr Wright.

After publication of the adjudication by the New Zealand Herald further information has been brought to the attention of the Press Council that was not before it when the original decision was made.

That information has been examined by the Press Council, and it has been decided that the complaint should not have been partly upheld. Therefore the Press Council recalls its adjudication of 28 March 2000 and cancels it. The Press Council will not be issuing any other decision on the original complaint.