Case Number: 604

Council Meeting: FEBRUARY 1996

Verdict: Not Upheld

Publication: NULL

A complaint to the New Zealand Press Council by Mr L.R.Torrie of Waikanae against Richard Wood, editor of the Kapiti Mail has not been upheld.

The complainant sought a public apology from the editor for publishing comments made by a local councillor inferring that Mr Torrie did not want a new footpath in a certain area of Waikanae.

Mr Torrie's written response to the allegation was later published with a comment from the councillor and a note from the editor, who then closed correspondence on the matter.

Mr Torrie complained to the Press Council, but after investigation, the council decided that Mr Woodd had in no way overstepped his editorial role or been indiscreet. It appeared that the newspaper, in providing public information, had become the meat in the sandwich of a local dispute.