Case Number: 643

Council Meeting: MARCH 1997

Verdict: Upheld

Publication: Northern Advocate

A complaint by Mr Franz Iseke of Parua Bay Mr Iseke against the Northern Advocate has been upheld by the New Zealand Press Council.

Mr Iseke complained that his name was used incorrectly in an article published on 28 December. The article headed “Parua Bay pub aims for quieter life with neighbours,” had said:”A hearing into the latest licence renewal had been needed because of an objection from nearby resident Frank Iseke.”

Mr Iseke explained in a letter to the editor that he was not the objector who caused the hearing. He had seen the hearing advertised, attended and had spoken in opposition at the hearing.

The letter was published on 30 December with an editorial footnote in which the editor included an incorrectly sourced quotation that appeared to lend credence to the mention of Mr Iseke in the original article.

In upholding the complaint the Press Council said the newspaper’s original error had been unfortunate. Further Mr Iseke’s letter pointing out the error, had deserved open-minded consideration. The quote included in the editor’s comments indicates it did not get that consideration. The paper mishandled an opportunity to put the record straight.